Church Farm Nursing Home

As well as providing nursing care with full accommodation we can also provide respite care for those who require a shorter stay with us. Some residents stay with us for one day or enjoy two weeks’ holiday care.

We understand that looking after somebody is not always easy and sometimes the carer needs some time for themselves. Often for the person being looked after it can feel quite stressful as well. This is why we provide temporary care for those who ask for it.

Just having one or two days away from the people who usually care for you can be a pleasant break away from the monotony of day to day life. Going away for a couple of days where you can meet new people, enjoy new games, and experience a new atmosphere might be a welcome experience for you or somebody who you are caring for.

We work hard to make sure that everybody who stays with us (for two weeks or just one day) enjoys their time here and leaves with pleasant memories of Church Farm.

Please contact us for further information.