Church Farm Nursing Home

All of the rooms here have been especially refurbished. Each bedroom contains a movement sensor which is linked to the Nurse Call System. The sensors have been inputted so that when a resident is out of bed and moving around (either in the morning or at any time of the day or night) we know and can therefore make sure that they are looked after.

We do the laundry for residents, including their bedding. We provide an efficient and superb service 7 days a week.

All of the accommodation and living areas have been designed specifically to help reduce levels of agitation and provide a calming environment. The furniture is comfortable, attractive, clean, and inviting. The lounge in particular has been designed to take full advantage of the beautiful gardens with large windows on all sides.

We are always thinking of ways to make residents feel as at home as they possibly can. Not long ago the bedroom doors of residents were painted different colours so that it is easier for them to find the correct room. We are always interested in the views of our residents and their families so if you have any ideas then please feel free to share them.