Church Farm Nursing Home

At Church Farm, people who work here do not wear uniforms, there are no drug trolleys, staff toilets, large dining rooms and other institutional features. People are not seen as residents but as family.

Task orientation, standing around watching people eat, and ‘doing to’ people have no place in this model of care.

Instead, you will see people living and working together come alive sharing their histories, eating, laughing, and supporting each other to recall who they were. Helping people to be reached and connected to whoever they now need to be.

With the Butterfly Household model, Church Farm at Skylarks is divided into 4 small domestic households. People are matched in houses at similar points along the journey to decrease stress and increase wellbeing. The people who work here are also matched to a house.

Oak Lounge
Sycamore Lounge
Maple Lounge
Willow Lounge

“Feeling you matter is at the core of being a person. Knowing you matter is at the heart of being alive. Seeing you matter is at the centre of carrying on in life. Church Farm have proven that people living with a dementia really matter most.” Dr. David Sheard, Founder Dementia Care Matters